Our administrative team is the first point of contact for customer service for our residents and visitors. Administration also oversees the Utility Billing Department. Administration provides administrative support and coordination to the department. The Administrative team also monitors the budget process, manages contracts, and provides outreach regarding volunteer, and project events.

Engineering provides engineering services to the city, particularly in the areas of transportation, water, wastewater and storm drainage. Designs projects, conducts surveys, inspects contracted projects, plans for long-term improvements to streets, reviews private projects that impact city utilities and keeps maps, surveys and construction drawings up-to-date.

Equipment Services
Equipment Services is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all city vehicles, heavy equipment and small motor items. Also responsible for hazardous waste management for the Oyster Bay Operations Complex.


Facilities is responsible for all maintenance and capital improvements to City buildings and grounds including water utility facilities (Parks Department excluded). Responsible for all contracted services for city and utility facilities (HVAC, elevator security, etc.), along with repair of small equipment, also  ordering and receiving equipment, supplies for inventory.

Forestry provides management of 8,300 acres of Water Utility forest lands for watershed protection, timber harvest, reforestation, biosolids utilization and salmon restoration.

Public Works Operations
Public Works Operations is responsible for the maintenance of all city streets infrastructure, traffic signs and signals, Information Services and radio systems, snow and ice removal, abatement procedures, and electrical maintenance of public facilities.

Utilities Operations
Utilities Operations is responsible for upkeep and repair of all city water distribution system and water mains. Maintains and repairs storm and sanitary collection systems, identifying and eliminating any connections in city lines that could cause contamination due to poor back-flow; provides first response and dispatch to customer calls for all problems involving Public Works and Utility Systems.

Wastewater is responsible for treatment and disposal of all sanitary sewer waste from commercial and residential customers. Wastewater operates the city's Wastewater Treatment Plant and maintains 89 pump stations in the city.

Water Resources
Water Resources operates and maintains safe and reliable drinking water system using both surface water and ground water in compliance with state and federal requirements. Water Resources oversees compliance and reporting for the city's Stormwater NPDES permit. Water resources also provides environmental monitoring and public education on water quality and water efficiency.