Drinking Water

Only tap water delivers public health protection, fire protection, support for our economy and quality of life. The City of Bremerton is proud to provide our customers with high quality water. Your drinking water is regularly tested to ensure that it meets all federal and state standards. Be assured that your water supply is safe and meets all public health requirements.

Water Sources

Bremerton's drinking water is supplied by surface water from the protected watershed of the Union River headwaters and 13 groundwater wells located in the Bremerton vicinity. For more information on Bremerton's water sources, please visit the following video links:

Bremerton Water Tour (11 minutes)

The Importance of Protecting Watersheds featuring the City of Bremerton (3 minutes)

Bremerton Water Centennial 2017

Determining Your Water Provider

You are served by Bremerton water if you pay your utility bill to the City of Bremerton. If you are a renter or otherwise don't pay directly for water, you can view the Water Service Area Map (PDF). The area inside the red lines constitute City of Bremerton water customers. You may also visit the Kitsap County Public Water Provider online search tool to determine your water provider. Visit the City's Conservation webpages to learn more about wisely using this remarkable resourc

Water Quality

Bremerton's water quality is excellent. Water supplies are dependent on rainfall to fill the reservoir and feed underground aquifers. All sources are managed in accordance with Washington State Department of Health requirements, Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, and best management practices for water supply systems. Bremerton's drinking water complies with all protective health standards set by the EPA and the Washington Department of Health. A summary of tests and test results can be found in the Annual Water Quality Report, which also explains where the city's water comes from and how it is treated. Please note that Bremerton does not add fluoride to the drinking water - in 1999 Bremerton residents voted against water fluoridation. 

Water Conservation

Our modern life would be impossible without water. How long would you last without water? Maybe a day or two if you have a few gallons on hand for emergencies. Without water you couldn't flush the toilet, brush your teeth, or take a shower. Clean water delivered to your home is something that most people don't often think about and is easy to take for granted. The City of Bremerton ensures dependable water service to customers like you through hard work, planning and investment.

2017 Exemplary Source Water Protection Award

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has selected the City of Bremerton Water Utility for a 2017 “Exemplary Source Water Protection” Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize organizations in North America that have developed and are implementing exemplary source water protection programs.

“Bremerton has planned for source water protection since the City began its water system 100 years ago, “ says Bremerton Mayor Patty Lent, “We are pleased to receive this recognition from AWWA, especially as we celebrate the City’s water system centennial this year”.

Bremerton’s water managers recognized from the beginning that protecting drinking water at its source is the most responsible and economical approach by locating surface water and groundwater sources away from the impact of development and purchasing water resource lands long before they were utilized for a drinking water supply.  

“Because Bremerton’s water managers recognized the importance of source water protection early on, the city has been able to comply with increasing regulation with a few system upgrades. Owning and protecting the Union River watershed is one of the most important investments the City has made to ensure the vitality of its community,” says Kathleen Cahall, Bremerton Water Resources Manager.

Bremerton was awarded a plaque at the AWWA annual conference. AWWA is the largest nonprofit, scientific, and educational association dedicated to managing drinking water, the world’s most important resource. With approximately 50,000 members, AWWA provides solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, strengthen the economy and enhance our quality of life.