Noxious Weeds

City of Bremerton Notice of Herbicide Application - April 25, 2022

The City of Bremerton will be hand-applying a diluted solution of the herbicide Glyphosate to city arterial street sidewalks beginning this spring, depending on weather. This application will be performed under the direction of licensed applicators to control weed growth in the concrete expansion joint between the curb/sidewalk, and at the back of sidewalks if needed. Two to three applications of herbicide will be applied throughout the growing season. For a complete list of streets where herbicide will be applied, click here.

The mission of the Kitsap County Noxious weed Control Board is to educate county residents, property owners, and managers to be responsible stewards of the land and resources of Kitsap County by protecting and preserving all lands and natural resources of the county from the degrading impact of invasive noxious weeds.

Noxious weeds are found everywhere in Kitsap County: in urban, suburban and rural areas; on developed and undeveloped land; in gardens, farmland, forests and natural areas, as well as in lakes, rivers, streams and in Puget Sound. Weeds are everyone's problem, directly and indirectly.

For the latest Washington state noxious weed and monitor lists, please visit the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board. For information on the Kitsap County Noxious Weed Board please visit the WSU Extension Noxious and Invasive Species webpage.