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21Case Number:B23-003715

Date of Incident: 07/13/2023
Offense: Shoplifting
Info: The couple took items from Grocery Outlet

B23-003465Case Number:B23-003465

Date of Incident: 07/13/2023
Offense: Theft, Forgery, and ID Theft
Info: A victim dropped their wallet at Goodwill. This subject then picked it up and spent $1,500.00 on the victims credit card. 

T0606_Exterior - Main Entrance {AP 489}_07_01_2023 3_05_53 PM
T0606_Exit - Vestibule {AP 013}_07_01_2023 4_04_19 PMT0606_Exterior - Main Entrance {AP 489}_07_01_2023 3_05_52 PM
Case Number: B23-003539

Date of Incident: 07/01/2023
Offense: Fraud
Info: This subject fraudulently used several credit cards to make multiple   purchases at Target. 
B23-3477Case Number: B23-003477

Date of Incident: 07/24/2023
Offense: Burglary
Info: Residential Burglary
theft 3
theft 2
theft 1

Case Number: B23-003902

Date of Incident: 07/22/2023
Offense: Retail Theft
Info: The 2 women pictured stole approx. $320 worth of items.