Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is any unwanted sexual contact or act to another. In adult situations it is without the consent of both parties. They are acts of violence and control. Sexual assault is a crime and will be investigated. Men, women and children can be victimized by sexual assault.


The Bremerton Police Department works together with other community organizations to lessen the trauma to a sexual assault victim.

If you are the victim of a rape:

  • Call 911
  • Do not bathe or douche
  • Do not change your physical appearance
  • Save clothing and items involved in the assault
  • Write down as much as you can remember about the assailant
  • Seek medical attention to check for injuries and test for sexually transmitted diseases
  • You have the right to have a sexual assault advocate present during every step of the investigation
  • It is never to late to contact law enforcement and report a rape
  • It is very important that every attempt is made to collect and preserve any evidence of the assault
  • You can contact the Kitsap Sexual Assault Center for assistance with out making an immediate police report

Police Officers Reporting Rape

Bremerton Police Officers responding to a rape report will:

  • Contact victims and collect evidence from the scene of the crime.
  • If immediate medical attention is needed they will call for medical assistance.
  • Talk with victims and obtain just enough information to possibly identify the suspect.
  • All victims will be urged to seek medical attention and will be referred to Harrison Hospitals SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner).
  • If possible all victims will be thoroughly interviewed about the assault by a Bremerton Police Detective.
  • If the victim of the assault is a child a specialized child interviewer will conduct the interview.

The Bremerton Police Department has detectives that specialize in sexual assault investigations. All reports of sexual assaults are investigated thoroughly and victims are treated with respect and care. Our department prides itself on the manner in which we investigate sexual assaults against both children and adults.

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