What do I tell my children about an offender?
Avoid scary details. You may know more than your children need to know. Keep information general, as it may protect them from others who try to harm them as well. Explain the importance of avoiding dangerous situations in general, rather than trying to teach them how to be safe from just the 1 person you know about. Some basics:
  • Don’t accept a ride from the offender or any stranger.
  • Don’t go into the home or yard of the offender.
  • Tell your parents if this person offers you toys, money, or gifts.
  • Try to use the buddy system when children play outdoors.
  • Call 911 if your parents aren’t home and you are approached by this offender.

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4. Why is the offender moving into my neighborhood?
5. Do offenders have restrictions on where they can live?
6. When is the Bremerton Police Department going to move the offender out of my neighborhood?
7. Is the City of Bremerton doing anythin g to prevent offenders from living in Bremerton?
8. If the offender is so dangerous, why are you letting him/her out in the 1st place?
9. Why are you only telling me about this offender and not all of the other people who get out of prison?
10. Now that I know a sex offender lives in my neighborhood, what should I do differently to protect myself and my family?
11. What do I tell my children about an offender?
12. Are you going to tell us if the offender moves out of this neighborhood, so we don’t have to worry anymore?