Reporting Fraud Waste or Abuse

Residents and employees may report suspected waste, fraud or abuse in Bremerton City government to the City Auditor. Reports may be made by telephone, mail or email. The following information would be helpful in order to follow up on a concern:

  • What occurred and why you think it is a waste, fraud or abuse
  • When and where did it happen
  • Are there any witnesses
  • Do you have any documents or evidence
  • Any other information  you think is relevant

 You may communicate information to the City Auditor as follows:


Bremerton City Auditor
345 6th Street, Suite 100
Bremerton, WA 9833-1873



While including your name and contact information would be helpful to allow for follow up or to get additional details, it is not necessary. The auditor's telephone line and email do not have the ability for anonymous reporting.