Comprehensive Plan Amendments

General Info on Comp Plan Amendments and How to Apply

2021 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Proposals (and associated Zoning Code changes)

Two items were considered for the 2021 Comprehensive Plan Amendment docket. The City Council approved Housing Displacement Policy and facets of the Charleston Areawide Planning Report on October 20, 2021 by Ordinance 5434 (Comprehensive Plan Amendments) and Ordinance 5435 (associated Zoning Code Amendments). 

2020 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

There was one item considered for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket. The City Council approved the Ordinance to establish a minimum threshold for development from 5 dwelling units per acre to 6 dwelling units per acre citywide. The approved Ordinances are Ord 5403 and Ord 5404.

2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

There were two items considered for the 2019 Comprehensive Amendments Docket (modifying). The City Council approved the 2 amendments, including some minor modifications to said amendments, on December 18, 2019 by Ordinance 5389 (Comprehensive Plan amendments) and Ordinance 5390 (associated Zoning Code amendments) and Ordinance 5391 (Rezone for Werner).

2018 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

There were 7 items considered for the 2018 Comprehensive Amendments Docket with 12 specific amendments. The City Council approved 9 of the 12 specific amendments, including some minor modifications to said amendments, on December 5, 2018 by Ordinance 5363 (Comprehensive Plan amendments) and Ordinance 5364 (associated Zoning Code amendments).

General Info on Amendments and How to Apply

The Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan guides the city's overall strategy for growth and development over a 20 year period. The Comprehensive Plan sets goals and polices for items such as land use, economic development, housing, transportation and the environment. One of the most important elements of the Comprehensive Plan is the land use map. This map sets the basis for zoning and land use laws within city limits.

Growth Management Act Requirements

All cities and counties that comply with the Growth Management Act, must perform a major comprehensive plan review and updates every 8 years. However, many local jurisdictions consider proposed amendments on a more frequent basis. As per RCW 36.70A.130(2) cities and counties may consider proposed amendments no more frequently than once every year, with some exceptions. Rather than adopting changes on a piecemeal basis, proposed amendments must be considered "concurrently so the cumulative effect of the various proposals can be ascertained." The City of Bremerton considers such amendments (typically as docket of proposed amendments) on an annual cycle pursuant to Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC) 20.10.010. 

Comprehensive Plan Amendments Map

Amendment Process

Per Bremerton Municipal Code 20.10, the City of Bremerton will accept applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments to be considered for the following year from August to November 15. Those wishing to propose amendments must submit a complete application at the DCD office. The Comprehensive Plan Amendment process includes a Pre-Submittal Conference, which must be scheduled by a minimum of two week before the deadline of the amendment application submittal (for scheduling purposes). Comprehensive Plan Amendment Applications must also be accompanied by a completed SEPA checklist with environmental review. As of 2019, the cost for a combined Comprehensive Plan text and map amendment is $2,500; for text amendment only is $1,500. The Environmental Review is an additional $320. 

Following city staff review and the preparation of a staff recommendation, plan amendment applications will be forwarded to the City of Bremerton Planning Commission for public workshop(s) and subsequent public hearing. Following the Planning Commission's public hearing and recommendation, the City Council will consider the amendments and make the final decision.

Forms & Information

If you are interested in applying for a Comprehensive Plan Amendment, contact Garrett Jackson via email or by phone 360-473-5289. Below is additional information for an annual amendment submittal: 

Public Involvement & Hearings

Members of the public are welcome to provide comment and input on proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments at both the Planning Commission and City Council public hearings. Check this website for upcoming meetings on the Comprehensive Plan amendments.

Questions or comments on Comprehensive Plan amendments may be directed to the Garrett Jackson, City Planner, at phone 360-473-5289.