Bremerton, WA


Whom do I contact regarding utility services?

Follow the page link for contact information.

Utility Service Contact Page

Whom do I contact about power outages?

Contact Puget Sound Energy, 888-225-5773, to report power outages and/or to inquire about your electric services.

Puget Sound Energy

Whom do I contact about street light outages?

All of the street lights downtown are serviced by Puget Sound Energy with the exception of the decorative street lights, which are maintained by the city. Responsibility of the remaining street lights is either Bremerton Public Works and Utilities or Puget Sound Energy. To report a street light outage contact Bremerton Public Works at 360-473-5920, or Puget Sound Energy (PSE) at 888-225-5773. It is very helpful if you are able to note the numbers located on the street light pole, as this is how we identify the pole location. If you do not see a number, please try to get a physical address with two cross streets.

Report a Puget Sound Energy Street Light Outage

Whom do I contact about trees in the power / telephone lines?

The City of Bremerton is not trained to trim in the power lines. To report trees in power / telephone lines, contact Puget Sound Energy at 888-225-5773 or, or Centurylink at 877-837-5738 or

Are utility fees and rates information available online?

Yes, for current water, wastewater and stormwater rates, fees, and charges, please download the Utility Rate PDF.

Utility Rates (PDF)

Whom do I contact regarding my septic system?

The City of Bremerton does not service septic systems. You will need to contact the Kitsap Public Health District regarding questions on your septic system, at 360-337-5235. For further information online, please visit the Kitsap Public Health District's On-Site Sewage webpages.

Kitsap Public Health District's On-Site Sewage

Where does my drinking water come from?

The city's water supply comes primarily from the Union River. This source is supplemented with groundwater from area wells. The water is delivered to your home or business by 289 miles of distribution pipe, 18 reservoirs, and 9 pump stations.

Is my drinking water treated?

The city's water sources are treated with chlorine as required for disinfection purposes and pH is adjusted prior to entering the distribution system for corrosion control. Because we are fortunate to have high quality water, this is the only water treatment needed. For more information on your water quality please visit the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report page.

Drinking Water Quality Report

I need to shut off my water. Whom do I need to contact?

Your water meter belongs to the City of Bremerton. If you turn off the meter on your own and cause damage, you may be held liable for damage costs. Contact the City of Bremerton, at 360-473-5920, if you need your water shut off to do repairs. The city will provide this service free of charge during normal business hours.

I have discolored water. Whom do I contact about this?

Please call the Water Hotline for discolored water flushing instructions, at 360-473-5490.

Where do I pay water, sewer and storm bills?

You can pay utility bills in person at the Utility Billing office, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., located at: 345 6th Street, Suite 100, Bremerton, WA 98337-1891.

A drop box is available for payments made after normal business hours. 

Other payment options include paying online, automatic withdrawal from your checking account and an automated phone service at 360-473-5316.

I have a question about my bill. Whom can I contact?

For questions regarding water, sewer and storm bills, rates and consumption please contact Utility Billing at 360-473-5316, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.