Subarea Plan

In 2030, PSIC - Bremerton is a vibrant and lively industrial employment center, distinguished for success in recruiting, growing, and retaining industrial employment in an attractive and sustainable setting. The vision for SKIA encourages industrial uses, clean tech uses and green industrial development. By embracing a diverse range of industrial activity, the SKIA industrial employment center has assured its long-term viability and significantly expanded employment opportunities for residents throughout Kitsap County and beyond.

The city's commitment to environmental stewardship has ensured long-term sustainability as well as an attractive and healthy environment. Critical areas have been retained and enhanced and new development is located and constructed to ensure long-term energy efficiency. Over time, development in SKIA has been successful in minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy costs to businesses and creating an attractive work environment.

PSIC - Bremerton's industrial development demonstrates that an integrated approach to economic development and environmental sustainability can achieve a successful industrial center.

Project Goals
There are 7 goals identified in the Subarea Plan. Each goal is further broken down into desired outcomes and strategies aimed at plan implementation. These goals provide the foundation from which the implementation and policy direction of PSIC - Bremerton is based. The goals emerged from a strong public outreach process that guided the planning process throughout:
  • Capital Facilities
  • Economic Development
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Land Use
  • Natural Environment
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
Plan Intent
The PSIC - Bremerton Subarea Plan is intended to be:
  • flexible - in recognition of development constraints for industrial uses, accommodate development flexibility
  • easy to use - clear layout and explanation of goals, strategies, standards, and guidelines
  • incentive-based - offer regulatory and financial benefits for sustainable development instead of mandating through regulations and requirements
  • a catalyst - a new, cohesive subarea plan that simplifies the regulatory process and outlines infrastructure needs
Organization of Subarea Plan
Organization is critical to the ease of use and navigability of the PSIC - Bremerton Subarea Plan. The Plan is intended to be clear and concise so that property owners, developers, and the general public understand what is expected and what is envisioned for PSIC - Bremerton:
  1. Goals and Strategies
  2. Implementation
  3. PSIC - Bremerton Zoning and Development Standards
  4. Sustainable Design Guidelines and Development Incentives
  5. Capital Facilities Plan
Zoning Map