City Council Meeting Schedule

Council Meetings: Council Members and staff will be participating in the meeting in-person, and the public is invited to attend. Or beginning at 5:30 PM, the public may participate remotely through BKAT or a remote option (Zoom codes change with each meeting).

Study Sessions: The First Floor Meeting Chambers will be open to the public to attend the Study Session in-person, but there will be no opportunities for input. Public questions or comments may be submitted at any time to Please remember that the content of the Agenda Bill items is subject to change; and no action is anticipated. All Agenda Bill items approved by the Council tonight will be placed on the next Council Meeting Agenda (unless otherwise indicated).

 For information on Council meetings and study sessions, visit

The FIRST and THIRD WEDNESDAY of each month:
  • 5:00 PM – Briefing
  • 5:30 PM – Regular Council Meeting
The SECOND and FOURTH WEDNESDAY of each month:
  • 5:00 PM – Study Session to hear City staff presentations on proposed agenda items; and to discuss General Council Business. These meetings will be open for the general public to attend, however no opportunities will be provided for input or participation; and no action is anticipated unless otherwise indicated.
The FIFTH WEDNESDAY of each month:
  • A Study Session will be held only if necessary.
If you have any questions regarding the meeting schedule, please contact the City Council at 360-473-5280 or by email.