Kona Village

The Kona Village fire was November 13, 1997. View images of the fire in the photo gallery.
Construction History
  • Kona was built in 2 phases
  • The first phase was in 1970 and the second was in 1971
  • It was built under the 1967 building code and the 1967 life-safety code
  • This was a 3 story building with parking on the main floor, for a total of 4 floors
  • Protected by wet stand pipes and fire extinguishers
Previous Fire History
  • In 1986 there was a fire on the 4th floor
Building Information
  • Dimensions 270 by 320
  • 4 stories on west, south and east sides, 2 story to the north
  • 142 Units, with single station smoke detectors
  • All wood construction with 1/2 inch 1 hour sheetrock, only 1 layer on 4th floor ceilings
  • Asbestos sprayed on kitchen and garage ceilings
Investigation Goals
  • Recover remains of missing persons
  • Complete origin and cause
  • Conduct critical interviews: First responding units, tenants of Kona Village, other people of interest
Participating Agencies
  • BATF
  • Bremerton Fire Department
  • Bremerton Police Department
  • WSP
  • Pierce Company FMO
  • Kitsap Company FMO
  • King Company FMO
  • Silverdale FD
  • Bremerton City Council Office
  • Jefferson Company FMO
  • King Company Fire Invest. Unit
  • Kitsap Company Coroners Office
  • Mason Company FMO
  • NFPA
  • PSNS
  • Clark Company FMO
Team Resources
  • ATF-NRT and their equipment
  • KCFMO accelerant dog
  • Victim recovery dogs
  • ATF local investigators
  • Budget to order equipment
  • ASCME Support
  • COB PW Department and Equipment
Origin & Cause
  • Origin was room 316
  • Fire started in the bedroom near the bed
  • The room of origin had baseboard heat near the bed
  • The bed was equipped with an electric blanket
  • There was a candle on the living room table
  • There were reports that heat lamps in the bathrooms have caused fires in the past, when a towel is left hanging over the door.
What Really Matters
  • Rescue
  • Tenants lives
  • Firefighters lives
  • Life-safety
  • Fire Protection