Sprinkler System Inspection Requests

Sprinkler Plan Reviews are based on the specified edition of the applicable NFPA 13 standard as referenced by the building code. In order to perform a thorough Sprinkler Plan Review, the following items should be submitted:
  • Complete signed and sealed (as required by applicable laws) plans and specifications for the sprinkler system and related equipment.
  • Description and locations of uses within the building.
  • Design details in accordance with the appropriate reference standard (i.e. NFPA 13, 13D, 13R) as referenced by the building code.
  • Design calculations indicating the discharge requirements of the system with evaluation of the arrangement and source of the water supply.
  • Results of a current flow test indicating the location and date of the test.
  • Working drawings indicating all pipe sizes and the spacing between branch lines and sprinklers on the branch line.
  • Material specifications and equipment specifications. All materials used should be verified that they are installed in accordance with their listing.

To schedule an inspection please call the Fire Marshall's office at 360-473-5385.