Residential Fire Sprinkler System

It appears your project will require the installation of residential fire sprinklers. The installation of residential sprinklers allows property owners to build homes in situations which in the past would not be permitted.

Conditions Requiring Sprinklers
Typical conditions requiring fire sprinklers include:
  • Homes accessed from private roads
  • Homes accessed from roads having road slope greater than 10%
  • Homes accessed from roads narrower than 20-feet unobstructed
  • Homes accessed from dead end roads greater than 500-feet long
  • Homes without adequate fire flow
Required Steps before Installation
Homes requiring residential fire sprinkler systems shall have the fire sprinkler plans submitted to the Fire Marshal.

The code requirements may be found at Title 18.02 City Fire Code in the Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC).

Residential Fire Sprinklers will be designed and installed NFPA 13d. In addition Bremerton Fire requires 13d coverage in all bathrooms and garages which NFPA 13d exempts from coverage.

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