Mayor Greg Wheeler

As Mayor of Bremerton I was elected to make positive changes for Bremerton. One of the issues I hear in the community is that citizens are concerned about the increasing costs of housing for all income levels. The laws of supply and demand dictate that when demand rises faster than supply, housing prices go up. For many, regardless of income, a place to live becomes less and less affordable. As a local government, Bremerton can affect the supply by supporting initiatives that create more options for housing. One of these recent efforts includes allowing the construction of new “backyard cottages” and basement apartments as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). In 2021, up to two ADUs are now permitted per residential property, which opens up the variety of housing available to family members as well as residents. Other steps, such as creating a “toolkit” to help build new homes on vacant property in the City, are also in progress. 

In addition, as local leaders, we can help develop programs and funding to support our most vulnerable populations. We can also put energy and focus into creating and maintaining low income housing, which is often referred to as “deeply affordable housing.”

One of my continued goals is to address affordable housing in our City. I have given direction to my administration to put in place policies and seek funding as part of that commitment. I believe the initiatives I have outlined will increase economic development and produce a variety of housing types for our community.