Wastewater Comprehensive Plan Update

Project Overview

The City updates their general sewer plan, typically every 10 years, as required by the WAC 173-249-050.  The plan is a guidance document and provides a comprehensive overview of the entire wastewater system. Contents include a system overview, an inventory and hydraulic evaluation of both the collection system and wastewater treatment plants, impact of regulatory requirements on system operation, description of the services areas and basins, evaluation of flows and loads to the plant as well as treatment performance, risk evaluation, development of a 20-year capital improvement program, evaluation of and recommendations to improve operations and maintenance, and a financial analysis to determine the impact on sewer rates for the proposed capital improvements. The finished plan is presented to the City Council for consideration and approval. The plan was last updated in 2014.

In addition to updating the general sewer plan, the engineering consultant that is hired will evaluate the City’s crosstown pipeline, a major trunk sewer through downtown Bremerton, for improving redundancy. Lastly, they will be evaluating how to provide sewer service at the Puget Sound Industrial Center (PSIC). 

Project Status (January 22, 2024)

Kennedy Jenks was contracted to perform the current update. They are currently preparing the collection system and treatment plant hydraulic models.  


This project is funded in the Wastewater Capital Budget.


  • Start of Work: August 2023
  • Anticipated draft completion: September 2024
  • Plan approval by Dept of Ecology: January 2025

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