Tracyton Beach Road NW Sewer (CWSRF Loan)

Project Overview

This project will remedy an ongoing challenging maintenance and potential environmental concern for the sewer along Tracyton Beach Road in East Bremerton. These 4,000 feet of 8-inch diameter sewer requires weekly maintenance by City operations staff due to the low flow velocities through the sewerline. The purpose of the proposed design is to remedy this by increasing the velocity through the main using pumps and improved sewer collection. The benefits of this project include reduced operations and maintenance costs, reduction in the possibility of SSOs, reduction in sewer odors and decreased worker risk. 

Project Status

The City has completed preliminary design of the project and is now researching locations for the pumping stations. Once the pump station locations are determined, the design can continue to the final stages and be advertised for bidding.

Project Location

Tracyton Beach Rd NW Sewer


This project is funded through a low interest loan provided by the Washington State Department of Ecology. The current approved amount is $5.08M.  


ActivityDurationApproximate Date
Design/Permitting12 MonthsMarch 2023 - September 2024
Bid/Award3 MonthsFebruary 2025 - April 2025
Construction12 MonthsApril 2025 - April 2026


Tracyton Beach Rd NW Sewer Timeline

Contact Us

David E Powell; PE
Project Manager, City of Bremerton Engineering Division
Ph: 360-473-5268

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