Stewardship Projects

Recent and Upcoming Stewardship Projects

Multiple fish passage projects underway

  • Dam removal on Anderson Creek, pre-design completed in 2017. $2 million programmed for design in 2023 and construction in 2024, PWTF loan. See project page under Water Projects.
  • Northlake Way culvert replacement, pre-design completed 2021. $7 million for construction programmed for 2026, funding has yet to be identified
  • Price Road culvert replacement, $1.1M construction in 2022, PWTF loan. See project page under Stormwater Projects.
  • Brentwood Drive, $1.2M construction in 2022, PWTF loan. See project page under Stormwater Projects.

Administrative coordination with the Suquamish Tribe

  • No-cost agreement for Gorst Creek rearing ponds and hatchery lease; agreement is in the process of being executed.

Habitat restoration projects fresh water

  • Gorst Creek hatchery area master plan development to include Parrish Creek, hatchery area, Pump Station 1 stream diversion (water rights) $200K unfunded

Marine habitat and shellfish projects in progress

  • Multiple ongoing marine beach sewer decommissioning projects, including:
    • Multiple Oyster Bay Beach Sewer Projects – $11.6M, first project in 2021
    • Manette Beach Sewer between E16th and E11th, $2.3M 
  • Marine mitigation projects to remove pilings, hard armoring and exposed infrastructure along City shorelines.  Coordination with WDFW and DNR to create a mitigation bank to expedite mitigation projects.  CW-4 Mitigation in 2022.
  • Evergreen Park (Chevron Site) shoreline reconstruction, design complete, seeking $2.5M construction funding
  • Pine Road stormwater basin, includes outfall repairs and marine shoreline cleanup, $4.3M in 2022, Public Works Trust Fund (PWTF) loan

Stormwater treatment retrofit projects, water quality improvement

  • Quincy Square stormwater treatment, $500k in 2023, Stormwater Utility funded
  • Perry Ave and E 11th St stormwater treatment $190K in 2022, Stormwater Utility funded
  • Kitsap Lake:
    • $200K design effort in 2021, DOE grant.  Will apply for $1.2M Ecology construction grant funding in 2024.
    • Kitsap Lake Park stormwater treatment $80K in 2022, Stormwater Utility funded.
    • Kitsap Lake algae and invasive aquatic vegetation control $200K in 2020, and $175K in 2021 and 2022 (Stormwater and General Fund)

Watershed restoration basin planning

  • $210K Ecology grant for stormwater management action planning (SMAP): 
  • Kitsap Lake Basin plan to improve water quality: salmon, and shellfish focus, plan is in draft form, intent is to finalize in 2023 and coordinate with the updated Stormwater Comp plan.
  • Oyster and Ostrich Creek Basin plan to improve water quality: salmon, and shellfish focus, plan also in draft form, and will be coordinated with the Stormwater comp plan.

Stormwater treatment retrofit projects completed

  • Ostrich Creek stormwater treatment construction $1.4M in 2022, partial DOE grant
  • 2nd Street stormwater treatment $150K in 2021, Stormwater Utility funded
  • Lebo Blvd, installed 10 Linear Modular Wetlands (MWS) $400K in 2018, Stormwater Utility funding. 
  • Marine Dr., installed 4 MWS and infiltration trench $1M in 2019, partial Ecology grant.
  • Lillian and James Walker Stormwater Demonstration Park, Anderson Cove $1.6M in 2013, DOE grant.
  • Warren Ave Playfield $75K in 2020, Stormwater Utility funded

Fish barrier culverts replaced to-date

  • Kitsap Way culvert replacement, $2.1M construction in 2021/22
  • 2000 Road in Watershed:
    • Replaced culvert with bridge on Gorst Creek $70K in 2016 +/-
    • Replaced culvert with bridge on Heinz Creek, 2016 +/-
    • Installed flat bottom culvert for fish passage on Heinz Creek, 2017 +/-
    • Removed undersized parallel (shotgun) culverts, restored creek banks and abandoned the road, 2017
  • 2100 Road in watershed
    • Removed undersized shotgun culverts, creek banks restored and road abandoned, 2015+/-
  • 2200 Road in watershed:
    • Jarstad Lake, replaced 12” CI pipe with 36”x 65’ CPP in 2018 with DNR ID Team 
  • 3000 Road in watershed:
    • Installed bridge to replace culvert to allow fish passage, 2015