Kitsap Way Culvert Replacement


Traffic has now been moved over to the new section of roadway and the Contractor has begun excavating to place the south half of the culvert. Work this week will be installing shoring and excavating down to the existing culvert and removing it. Tentatively scheduled for this coming Wednesday the 29th, is installation of the footings for this section of the culvert. Following with construction of the new stream bed.

Traffic Impacts: Reduction of the four lanes of traffic down to two, with one westbound and one eastbound. Traffic is shifted to the north side of the roadway for this phase of work.

KitsapWayCulvertReplacementSeptember 22, 2021 – Clearing to being excavation for the south half of the culvert.


The culvert under Kitsap Way was installed in 1927 and carries Ostrich Bay Creek. It is in poor shape after almost a century of use, undersized, and a fish barrier. This project replaces this problematic culvert with a new larger culvert that will be fish passable.


  • Design Started - December 2018
  • Permits approved – October 2020
  • Contract Award and Order Culvert – February/March 2021
  • Construction Started – August 2021
  • Construction Complete – November 2021


Funding is by a loan from the Public Works Trust Board and includes replacement of the culvert on Kitsap Way, along with the culverts on Brentwood Drive and Price Road. For more information on the this project visit the Price Road and Brentwood Drive Culvert Replacements project webpage.

Total loan amount is $4,687,968

Construction cost for Kitsap Way is estimated to be $1.9 million
Construction cost for Brentwood and Price is estimated to be $2.3 million
Total design cost for all three culvert replacements is $489,988



  1. Gunnar Fridriksson
    Project Manager
    Ph: 360-473-5758