2020 Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Status and Schedule

The project will be out for bid in late April and early May 2020 with lining work to be completed in summer 2020. Be sure to sign up for emails if you would like to stay updated on the progress of this project.     

Once the bid is advertised, contract Documents may be previewed at the ARC Document Solutions website (www.e-arc.com).  Go to http://www.e-arc.com/wa/seattle, then click on the link ‘Enter Public Planroom’.  Scroll down or search to find the project.

The Notice Inviting Bids will be posted here when available.

Project Overview

The work will include rehabilitating approximately 6500 lineal feet of sanitary sewer pipe, varying from 8” to 12” diameter, using the cure-in-place-pipe (CIPP) method and reinstating approximately 103 side sewers.   

Sewers that will be lined are located in the following locations:

  1. 6th Street – Warren Avenue to Pacific Avenue
  2. 4th Street – Pacific Avenue to Washington Avenue
  3. Martin Luther King Way (7th Street) – Warren Avenue to Park Avenue
  4. 5th Street – Park Avenue to Pacific Avenue
  5. Washington Avenue – 6th Street to 1st Street
  6. Chester Avenue – Gregory Way to Burwell Street
  7. Shorewood Drive – through private easement to OB-2 wet well.

Videos – Inspection of Pipe Condition

The following videos are available for download and viewing by Contractors to assist in preparing bids:

Underground Pipe Rehab