Well 2R & 7 Rehabilitation

Project Overview

Well 2R was drilled into the Shallow Artesian Aquifer and completed with a modern, filter-sand completion design at a depth of 275 feet in 1989. The well was rehabilitated in 2005.  

Well 7 was drilled into the Deep Artesian Aquifer in 1945 to a depth of 627 feet, reconstructed in 1990 and in 2005. Due to reduction in well yield of both Wells 2R & 7, the intent of the current project is to rehabilitate both wells with mechanical surge development techniques using a cable-tool drilling rig and an approved, phosphate-free surfactant. 
The hydrogeology firm Robinson Noble (RN) has been retained to provide technical support both during design and field work for Wells 2R and 7.  

The work at each well includes: setting up and monitoring a water quality protection system; removing the existing pump; pre-rehabilitation video inspection; well rehabilitation; provision, installation, and removal of a test pump for step-rate testing; disinfection; and furnishing, installing, and starting up new well pumping equipment (City to make electrical and control connections.)

Supporting Documentation and Photographs

Well 2R & 7 Rehabilitation Site Plan (2019)


The overall budget for this project, included in the 2019 Water Capital Budget, is $250,000, including design and construction.


The bid opening for project construction was on March 28, 2019. Three bids were submitted with the lowest responsive, responsible bidder being Holt Services, Inc. in the amount of $222,305.50 (including Washington State sales tax).  Work is scheduled to begin in May 2019 and be completed by the end of July 2019.