Oyster Bay Beach Sewer Upgrades

Project Status (Updated June 8, 2021)

The Contractor will begin potholing on private properties starting in late June so they can determine the depth of the pump tanks.  They will be contacting and coordinating with private property owners before going onto private properties.  Starting in late June, they will be sawcutting the pavement along Kitsap Way to get ready for pipe trenching.  Pipe installation along Kitsap Way will start in July and go through August.

Project Overview

Many of the residential and commercial properties along Oyster Bay and Ostrich Bay are connected to sewer mains buried along the shores of these water bodies. These sewers are difficult to access and maintain and occasionally surcharge during heavy rain events. The City is in the process of eliminating/reducing the beach sewers over time.       

The proposed project will eliminate lateral connections to the gravity sewer main buried along the Oyster Bay beach between Madrona Point Drive and Kitsap Way (approximately 3600 feet in length). The sewer main will remain in-place and be converted to a redundant pressure main, but with no lateral connections. Grinder pumps will be installed on upland properties (estimated between 50 and 60 properties) to replace the beach gravity sewer system. The grinder pumps will pump to sewer piping (location and route of piping to be determined) most likely along Shorewood Drive and Kitsap Way. Project benefits include pollution reduction by reducing potential sewer discharge into Oyster Bay, reducing sewer infrastructure in the marine environment, and eliminating problematic maintenance access.

Click here for the project site map.

Budget and Funding (updated May 13, 2021)

The overall project costs are estimated at $7.7M. Recently, the Department of Ecology increased the Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan amount for this project from $3.8M to $7.0M.    


Following is the anticipated project schedule. Click here to download a graphical PDF of this schedule. 

Task   Dates
 Dept. of Ecology SRF Loan Executed  June 2018
 Consultant Selection  March 2019 - July 2019
 Design and Permitting  August 2019 - August 2020
 Bid/Award  December 2020 - February 2021
 Construction  March 2021 - January 2022
 Loan Expiration  December 2022

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