East 11th and Perry Avenue Complete Streets Improvement Project

Project Overview

East 11th Street and Perry Avenue are important minor arterials in East Bremerton connecting the Manette Neighborhood Center and the Perry Avenue Neighborhood Center, located at the N.E. Sheridan Road and Perry Avenue intersection. The East 11th Street portion of the project is within the "Center Core" of the Manette Neighborhood which is a commercial hub consisting of an attractive environment of small shops, restaurants and specialty businesses. This area has high pedestrian and bicycle use, is on a Kitsap Transit Bus Route and is a City of Bremerton freight route. The community has identified the following needs that are to be addressed as part of the project: aging pavement infrastructure; inadequate and substandard sidewalk and curb ramps; inadequate and undersized storm drainage infrastructure; substandard bicycle and pedestrian facilities; lack of water quality facilities; and lack of neighborhood speed control measures.

Due to the type and amount of distresses, the City's pavement management plan recommends for East 11th Street and Perry Avenue be reconstructed. Reconstruction will consist of removal and replacement of all pavement and sidewalks within the right of way with Temporary Construction Easements to enable construction of improvements. Traffic lane width will be generally reduced from 13 to 11 feet for traffic calming. Sidewalks will be widened by up to two feet over existing widths where available within in the right of way (ROW). Sharrows and 5-foot wide bicycle lanes will be provided.  Bicycle lanes will be located on the uphill side of the roadway to provide a "climbing" lane. New roadways will be paved with hot mix asphalt and consideration will be provided for pavers at intersections. All intersections will be provided with ADA compliant curb ramps. Pedestrian scale street lights will be installed for increased visibility and safety. Two intersections on East 11th will be raised to promote traffic calming and enhance pedestrian walkability. Bollards will be installed at the edge of sidewalk within these intersections for pedestrian safety. Street trees with ADA compliant grates will be installed on E 11th Street to provide a boulevard feel. Low impact development standards will be utilized along East 11th Street to provide water quality.  Speed feedback signs will be utilized to calm traffic.

The project will substantially upgrade East Bremerton's main arterial by fixing existing pavement and sidewalk infrastructure failures, and by providing multimodal and safety improvements. The widened ADA compliant sidewalks, pedestrian scale lighting, bicycle lanes, and sharrows will greatly enhance safety and will have a profound impact on increasing pedestrian and bicycle activity.

Total estimated cost = $5,194,000
Transportation Improvement Board Grant =  $3,941,916
Department of Ecology Grant= $75,000
City Match =  $1,252,000


Design:  2019-2021
Construction:  2022
East 11th and Perry Ave Street Improvement