Price Rd and Brentwood Dr Culvert Replacements


The City, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Suquamish Tribe have been discussing the needed length of both bridges with the width of the stream and have come to an agreement. Design of the project is moving towards a 60% set, which will be posted to the website as soon as they are available. Permits are also being submitted for at this time.

Traffic Impacts: None currently.  During construction, Price Road will require a road closure for installation of the culvert, with a detour route in place during construction. As Brentwood Drive is the only access for residents here, a temporary one-lane road will be in place with alternating traffic.

Looking northerly at the upstream culvert inlet at Price Road.
Looking southernly at the upstream culvert inlet at Brentwood Drive.


Both of the existing culverts for the two roadways are rated as blocking fish passage by WDFW, along with the culvert on Price Road being undersized. This culvert failed in 2005 causing the existing culvert and roadway being washed out. Both culverts are to be replaced with bridges, Price Road being a 43-foot bridge and Brentwood Drive being a 60-foot bridge.

Removal of these last two culverts on Ostrich Bay Creek will complete the removal of all City owned culverts/fish barriers from the creek.

PROPOSED SCHEDULEPriceBrentwoodCulvertReplacement_map

  • Design Started - December 2018
  • Design and Permitting Completed – Winter 2022
  • Contract Award and Order Girders – Spring 2022
  • Construction Started – Mid-Summer 2022
  • Construction Complete – December 2022


Funding is by a loan from the Public Works Trust Board and includes replacement of the culverts on Brentwood Drive and Price Road, along with the culvert on Kitsap Way. For more information on the Kitsap Way Culvert, visit the project webpage.

Total loan amount is $4,687,968

Construction cost for Brentwood and Price is estimated to be $2.3 million
Construction cost for Kitsap Way is estimated to be $1.9 million
Total design cost for all three culvert replacements is $489,988