Reservoir 17/20 Exterior Coating Replacement

Project Status (Updated May 29, 2018)

The Project Bid Opening was held on February 15, 2018. The lowest responsive, responsible bidder is Simpson Sandblasting & Special Coatings, Inc. with a bid in the amount of $627,323.34.  

The Contractor is currently sanding and painting Reservoir 17. Reservoir 20 exterior coating replacement will begin the by the end of June. We anticipate project completion by the end of July.

Project Overview

Reservoir 17 & 20 are each 1-million gallon welded-steel water reservoirs located, side by side, in East Bremerton. An exterior coating assessment report was prepared by Northwest Corrosion Engineering in January 2014 which recommends recoating of the exterior of this reservoir. This project includes removing the existing exterior coating and installing a new exterior coating.  

Reservoir 17 was constructed in 1977; it is 95-feet in diameter and approximately 20 feet in height. Reservoir 20 was constructed in 1981; it is also 95-feet in diameter and approximately 16 feet in height.   

Reservoir 17 / 20 Exterior Coating Replacement


The overall budget for this project is $600,000, including design, construction, etc.


Design (in-house) Complete January 2018
Bid/Award February and March 2018 
Construction Mid-May through August 2018