Sewer Pump Station CW-4 Upgrade and OF-12 Modifications

Project Status (Updated July 15, 2019)

Pape & Sons will begin mobilization at the site during the week of July 15. Construction will start along 17th Street during the week of July 22.

Project Overview

As required by WAC 173-245, the City of Bremerton actively worked to reduce combined sewer overflow (CSO) events since the early 1990s and obtained compliance in 2009. However, despite all these efforts by the City, Anderson Cove Basin (ACB) in West Bremerton continues to experience higher-than-average overflows at some CSO sites. In order to reduce events in ACB, the City will be performing modifications to Pump Station CW-4 and OF-12 at the end of Ohio Avenue. CW-4 currently pumps at approximately 500 gpm into a beach main.  The City is evaluating pumping the flow upland into an 8-inch force main and upgrading the pump station. BHC Consultants of Seattle, WA was been retained to assist the City with the design.

Supporting Documentation and Photographs


The 2019 budget for this project is $2,385,000, including design, construction, etc.


The project was designed by BHC Consultants. Construction of this project is anticipated in June 2019.
Vicinity Map CW-4