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Stormwater Management Program Survey

  1. Get involved, tell us what you think!
    The city encourages public comment and participation, and invites you to become involved by filling out the following informational survey. Please take a few minutes to provide us your important feedback.
  2. Are you a resident of the City of Bremerton?
  3. Do you own a business in the City of Bremerton?
  4. Do you own or rent a home in the City of Bremerton?
  5. What are your main sources of information regarding environmental issues?
  6. Have you seen or received information from the City of Bremerton on water issues?
  7. If yes, please check all that apply:
  8. Did you find this information helpful?
  9. What activities, if any, do you feel contribute to water pollution in your neighborhood?
  10. I protect water quality and ensure clean runoff through the following activities:
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