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Bremerton Police Department Vacation House Watch

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  2. Vacation house checks are provided as a courtesy by the Bremerton Police Department and the Bremerton Police Department's Citizen Auxiliary Patrol for residents who are temporarily away from their homes.

    By completing this form, you authorize members of the Bremerton Police Citizen Auxiliary Patrol to enter your property and visually inspect the house exterior. Should an open entry be found, the undersigned authorizes the police to enter the property to enter the house for further inspection. The police will endeavor to secure the house and contact the owner or person(s) caring for the who is/are listed below. The undersigned understands and agrees that this a voluntary, free service and does not create a special relationship with the City of Bremerton or Bremerton Police Department and does not create a duty upon the City of Bremerton or Bremerton Police Department. By enrolling in this program, the City of Bremerton does not warrant, promise or guarantee the protection of your home or property. House checks will occur during daylight hours. You should not rely on the Bremerton Police Department to protect your property while you are away, and should employ additional measures to protect your property. By checking the following you agree to release the City of Bremerton and the Bremerton Police Department of all liability for loss of property or damage occurring during this time period.
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