Why is the offender moving into my neighborhood?
This individual has committed a crime that has been reported to a police agency. That agency investigated the report and arrested the individual. The local prosecuting attorney for that jurisdiction determined the criminal statutes violated. They charged the suspect with those violations and went to court to convict this individual of those crimes. The offender was either found guilty by a judge or jury, or as happens in some cases, pled guilty to the offenses which he/she was charged.

When an offender is released from prison, he/she usually returns to the same area of residence from which they lived when the crime was committed. Most offenders are released to the jurisdictions that originally gained the conviction. Sometimes offenders are released to another jurisdiction because they may have family support there, additional treatment to complete at a program located in the other jurisdiction, or they may have found a job in the area that will lead to a productive lifestyle.

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4. Why is the offender moving into my neighborhood?
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