ADA Transition Plan

The City of Bremerton ADA Transition Plan (PDF) is intended to guide the City's efforts to provide an accessible transportation system program within the City. The purpose of the Plan is to identify deficiencies in City policies, procedures, and physical assets, and to provide a path to correction of those deficiencies. The plan also provides guidance for removal of accessibility barriers. The Plan outlines progress to date and identifies steps necessary to bring the City program into compliance with ADA regulations. The Plan is intended to be a living document that will be updated regularly to track ongoing achievements toward compliance.

The minimum requirement for the scope of the ADA Transition Plan is accessibility of all curb ramps and ancillary facilities (pedestrian push buttons and pedestrian signals) within the right-of-way. In order to efficiently implement the Plan, the scope of this initial Plan is limited to addressing these facilities. That said, the City acknowledges that other impediments to accessibility exist along the pedestrian access routes (signs and power poles in the sidewalks, driveway approaches, disrepair, etc.,) and that these issues must also be addressed for a functional and accessible pedestrian system.  The City intends to address these other issues with future updates to the Plan. 

Other City ADA compliance responsibilities related to buildings, programs and employment are also outside the scope of this Plan.