Hazardous / Flammable Materials

Flammable Liquids
  • Remove flammable liquid near exits and stairways
  • Provide approved storage cabinet for storage of flammable liquids
  • Discontinue use of Class IA liquids (flashpoint below 73 degrees Fahrenheit) for cleaning
  • Discontinue sales of Class I and II liquids for domestic cleaning
  • Fire Department permit needed to store, handle or use flammable liquids in excess of permitted amounts
Hazardous Materials
  • Place hazard identification signs at entrances to locations where hazardous materials are stored. Conspicuously mark individual containers, cartons or packages
  • Fire Department permit needed to store, dispense, use or handle hazardous materials in excess of quantities specified in IFC
Hazardous Fire Areas
  • Clear weeds and all dead plant material on parcels from property line to property line. Trees, ornamental shrubbery or green plants used as ground cover need not be removed
  • Remove combustibles, leaves and pine needles from roof
  • Remove any portion of a tree within 10 feet of the chimney outlet
  • Remove combustible grass and weeds within 10 feet of roadway
  • Provide a spark arrester of heavy wire mesh with openings not exceeding 1/2-inch on each chimney
  • Remove limbs 1/3 the tree's height from the ground and remove all vines from tree trunks