Council President

Jeff Coughlin
(2022 - 2025)

Duties of Council President

Although there is no formal "Job Description" for a Bremerton City Council President, Rule 2 of the "City Council Rules & Procedures" designates that the Council President shall be elected by a majority of the Council members at the start of the first meeting of each year, and shall remain the President for a term of one-year, unless re-elected.

The Council President is the presiding officer at all meetings of the Council, which includes preserving order and decorum in the Chambers at all times. The Council President observes and enforces all rules adopted by the Council for its government; decides all questions on order, in accordance with the "City Council Rules & Procedures"; and recognizes other members of the Council in the order in which they request the floor. 

  • Serves on the Police LEOFF I Pension Board.
  • Appoints to the following Standing Committees of the City Council: Finance, Investment, and Parking, Public Works, and Audit; and appoints the Chair of Lodging Tax Advisory Committee.
  • Serves or appoints to Regional Governmental boards and committees including, but not limited to the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA), Kitsap Transit Board of Commissioners, and the Kitsap 911 Policy Board.
  • Makes all Committee assignments for remaining Council Members, as well as Inter-governmental Representative assignments.
  • Approves topics-for-discussion and scheduling of all Study Sessions, Special Meetings, Executive Sessions, Retreats; and all date-changes for regular Council Meetings.
  • Assigned the responsibility for signing off on the Check Register, following Council approval; as well as approving all Purchase Orders, General Claims, and Claims for Expenses for Council Office expenditures and reimbursement to Council Members.
  • Oversees Council Staff which includes approving functions of the Council Office; assists in approving requests made by other Council Members; and performing yearly staff "Performance Evaluations".
  • Approves Council Member and Council Staff Payroll Worksheets, as well as Council Staff vacation and Sick Leave Approval Slips.
  • Monitors and approves all Agenda Bill items for inclusion on Council packets; and provides follow-up contact with City Attorney or submitting-Departments as necessary.
  • Attends a large number of social functions and special events representing the City, with most costs paid out-of-pocket.
  • Maintains regular contact with Council members, the Mayor, and Council Staff to remain current on their concerns and issues.
  • Maintains knowledge of all issues impacting the City of Bremerton.
  • The Council President is required to perform all other related duties as appropriate.
  • I pledge on behalf of the council and staff that we will move forward with a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

City Council Rules & Procedures

Download the City Council Rules and Procedures for the entire list.