Operations Division

Operations Division officers are frequently the 1st to respond to calls for service throughout the city. They are the most visible police presence in our community and it is their job to provide primary law enforcement services to the citizens of Bremerton 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

These services include response to crimes in progress, crime investigations, and other calls for service including emergency and non-emergency. Personnel assigned to the Operations Division are full-time sworn officers trained and certified by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.
  1. Operations Division
  2. Patrol Areas
  3. Directed Enforcement Team (DET)
  4. Traffic
  5. K-9
  6. School Resource Officer

Operations Division

The Bremerton Police Department’s Operations Division is comprised of 37 commissioned officers on six squads (three Gold squads and three Blue squads) that work 10 hours and 40 minutes per shift. The squads cover three shifts: “day-shift” (6:20am-5pm), “swing-shift” (4pm-2:40am) and the “graveyard-shift” (8pm-0640am).  When the Gold squads are working, the Blue squads are on their days off. This schedule allows for overlapping shifts, providing the community with more police officers on the streets during the busiest times of the day. Each squad is assigned a sergeant and a corporal (first line supervisors).  

There are four specialty units under the umbrella of the Operations Division – The Directed Enforcement Team (D.E.T.), Traffic, School Resource Officer (SRO) and three K9 units. The K9 units work the 10/40 shifts, and D.E.T., Traffic, and SRO work modified shifts.  

Two Lieutenants and a Captain provide command-level oversight of the division.