Driving & Parking

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Know where to park

The City of Bremerton maintains three parking garages and several City of Bremerton lots in the downtown core. To find parking please take a look at:

Be a prepared driver and enjoy your trip!

Know what roads in our route might be impacted by construction or closure - please take a look at:

 Learn more about Parking in Bremerton:

  1. Enforcement
  2. Rates
  3. Residential Parking Permits
  4. Rules

The City of Bremerton has contracted with Impark for all parking enforcement responsibilities. For customer service and/or information on meter/lot issues, monthly parking and payment notices please contact Impark at 360-616-4808 or Bremerton.csr@reefparking.com

Electronic Pay Stations

All city-owned garages, parking lots and on-street parking areas have electronic pay stations. The pay stations will accept cash/coins or electronic payments (Visa/MasterCard, etc). 


Impark offers the option to pay for parking by phone. For details, visit the PayByPhone website.

Residential Parking Program

Impark also administers the residential parking permit program. To learn more about this program please visit the Residential Parking Permits page.

Report a Parking Issue

Please use our Parking Complaints form to report parking issues.

Do you need to pay a citation?

Follow the instructions on the back of your citation and visit the City of Bremerton Municipal Court page to for more resources.