Special Event Permits

Municipal Code Requirements

Effective Monday March 17, 2020 – City of Bremerton Special Event Applications will not be processed or accepted. Pending Special Event Applications may be impacted during this period. Please contact Justin Rowland for more information: justin.rowland@ci.bremerton.wa.us, direct line 360-473-5279, or the main line 360-473-5275.

Bremerton Municipal Code 5.36 requires that any person, firm, company or corporation running, managing, operating or conducting any circus, parade, carnival games/rides, street fairs, sidewalk sales, or other promotional activity within the city must 1st obtain a regulatory license in addition to a business license.

Forms and Application

Submit the completed Special Event Permit Application at least 90 days prior to the start date of your event. Additional Attachments and Addendums must also be submitted prior to the due date. Special Event Permit cost $100 per event.

For More Information

Contact the Tax and License Division at 360-473-5311 or 360-473-5298 or email the division.