On December 19th, 2007 the Bremerton City Council approved the Downtown Subarea Plan. The plan directs focused, mixed growth according to the city's Comprehensive Plan vision for downtown as the "Metropolitan Center of the West Puget Sound". The Subarea Plan includes design standards, zoning, and streetscape standards for the greater downtown area. In May 2016, the Downtown Subarea Plan was amended to expand the Downtown Regional Center to the southwest (click here to see a summary of the 2016 revisions). In December 2018, Ordinance 5363 further amended the Design Review Board process and renamed the Warren Avenue Corridor zone. All changes to the Subarea Plan have been incorporated in the document below.
Downtown Subarea Plan Overview
The display at right is a general overview of the Downtown Subarea Plan. It includes a brief summary of downtown zoning standards, design review and shows the multi-family tax exemption boundary.

Subarea Plan

Downtown Bremerton
Multi-Family Tax Incentive
New Multi-Family developments in downtown Bremerton are eligible for the city's Multi-Family Tax Exemption program. The program is encouraged to promote investment in new multi-family housing development in the downtown target area. See Bremerton Municipal Code Chapter 3.78 for program regulations or click here for more information.

Contact the City Planner at 360-473-5287 for more information.
Downtown SAP