Interactive Crime Map

The Crime Map is a tool provided as a courtesy to the public by the Bremerton Police Department to give information about crime in our neighborhoods in the City of Bremerton. 

How to use the map:

  • Type an address in the search box in the upper left corner (e.g. 1025 Burwell St).
  • The map will show all incidents within 0.25 miles of the address. This distance can be changed with the slider bar under the address search box.
  • Click on an incident in the left column. The corresponding icon on the map will show a blue highlight box around it, and details about the incident will now populate the left column. You can also click an icon and the incident will be highlighted in the left column – click the incident for details. To return to the incident list click the Bremerton Crime View tab below the slider bar on the left.  
  • To search by crime type, click the arrow next to “select filters to apply” and then click the arrow to the left of “filter by crime.” Select the crime type from the drop-down menu and click “apply.”
Important notes for the user:

  • The incident report titles displayed on the crime map are determined by Bremerton police officers and detectives based upon their investigation. The report title may differ from what was originally reported to Kitsap 911 (CENCOM) by complainants / victims / witnesses and what the suspect may be charged with. The reports do not reflect actual criminal convictions, only the initial report taken at the scene by a law enforcement officer.
  • To protect victims of certain sensitive crimes, the following report titles will not be displayed: crimes involving victims under 18 years of age, domestic violence crimes, suicides, and crimes involving sexual assault or abuse.
  • The reported crimes are rounded to the nearest hundred block number. The map report location is an estimate based upon this block number.