Home Daycare Inspections

  • Keep your address mounted near your phone. During an emergency, you may become upset and forget it.
  • If you have a house fire, call from a safe place such as a neighbor's house. Never reenter a burning building. Once out, stay out!
  • Have a 2A:10B:C rated fire extinguisher mounted and located in a visible place in the kitchen.
  • Have locks on cabinets, especially those with cleaners, chemicals, etc. in them.
  • Have all heat producing appliances unplugged when not in use. (i.e. toaster, iron, coffee pot, etc.)
  • While cooking, have a pan lid handy, matched to fit the pan being used, to place on the pan in case of fire.
  • An aluminized oven mitt is recommended for use in case of fire to move pan off burner unit onto stove surface. Never attempt to carry a burning pan across the kitchen! This may cause burning grease to splatter on you and anything around you.
Heating & Electrical
  • All electrical fuses / circuit breakers shall be labeled as to the circuit usage. Tape must not be placed over breakers.
  • Keep all combustibles at lease 18 inches away from any baseboard heaters
  • The use of portable plug-in heaters is not recommended.
  • If a woodstove is installed in any area where children may be located, a child guard must be installed around it.
  • Shut off at least 3 feet from the furnace.
Play Area
  • Provide protective electrical outlet covers in all areas that children are in.
  • A minimum of 2 exits must be provided from each room to the exterior of the building (i.e. front door/back door).
  • General housekeeping requirements shall see that areas used are kept free of sharp objects, dangerous items, etc.
Building Address Numbers
  • Address numbers shall be posted on each house and be plainly visible from the street. Numbers shall be at least 6 inches high and of a contrasting color to the mounting background. Houses not visible from the street shall have numbers posted at the driveway entrance in numbers at least 5 inches in height.
Sleeping Areas
  • All areas / rooms used for sleeping purposes must have 2 means of egress, one of which may be a window, provided that the window meets the standards set forth in the uniform fire code (a minimum of 24-inch high by a minimum of 20-inch wide, window sill not more than 44-inch above the floor when measured in front of the window. These dimensions are for a clear, unobstructed minimum opening.)
  • All bathroom doors and closet doors in areas accessible to children shall have the capability of being unlocked from the outside, or locks may be eliminated / disabled to prevent locking. All hook-latches or bolt type locks must be located so as not to be reachable by children if installed.
  • Cabinet locks shall be provided for any cabinets / lockers with cleaning supplies or chemicals to prevent access by children.
  • All electrical appliances shall be unplugged and kept out of the reach of children.
  • Plugs in receptacles shall be the ground fault type.
Smoke Detectors
  • A smoke detector shall be mounted and properly maintained on each level of a daycare provider's home. A smoke detector shall be located outside of the sleeping area in all cases. Each smoke detector shall be tested monthly.
  • An exit plan shall be made for emergency building evacuation, and drills shall be practiced with the children regularly.
Miscellaneous Items
  • If in the event that an inspection should reveal additional hazards not specifically mentioned, the condition shall be forwarded to the Fire Marshal's Office for further follow-up to effect the necessary corrective action. Failure to comply with any of the provisions and requirements may be grounds for denial of the required daycare license.