Emergency Medical Service

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is one of the many services provided by your Bremerton Fire Department. Approximately 80-90 % of calls for service are medical or trauma-related. Every apparatus in the fire department is staffed with certified EMT’s at a minimum, while Paramedics can be assigned to medic units or engine/ladder companies. 
Our EMT’s and Paramedics are actively involved in the community. Many of our members serve as teachers, instructors, mentors, coaches, school board members, referees and PTA. The Bremerton Fire Department has a talented cadre of CPR instructors to meet your needs or that of your organization. We are here to serve, to protect and to care. 
Medic 1
If you have question regarding an ambulance bill, please contact our Billing Department directly at 360-394-7010, or by visiting www.emspatient.com/bremertonfd.