Traffic Tickets

Many common traffic offenses (speeding, failure to stop, failure to have liability insurance, etc.) as well as all parking and photo enforcement offenses are noncriminal violations of law as defined by statute and are called infractions.

The information on the back or bottom of the ticket explains your options. You must respond within 15 days of the date the ticket was issued. This means you must either pay the penalty or request a court date.

Paying the Penalty

Checks should be payable to "Bremerton Municipal Court." Payments should be sent to:

550 Park Ave.
Bremerton, WA 98337

Requesting a Court Date

Court dates cannot be made over the telephone. You must either sign the back of your ticket or bottom of the ticket if it's an eCitation. You must either mail it to the court or bring it to the court in person. Please write your correct mailing address on the back of your ticket.

Mitigation Hearing

A mitigation hearing is held if you admit you committed the violation, but wish to explain the circumstances of the infraction. The judge will not dismiss the ticket but may, depending on the explanation given and your driving record, adjust the penalty you pay. The offense will appear on your driving record.

Contested Hearing

A contested hearing is held if you believe you did not commit the violation. Unless you request that the officer be subpoenaed, the judge will read the sworn statement of the officer. You may testify, present evidence, and call witnesses on your own behalf. If you desire the officer or radar technician to be present, please advise the clerk at the time you schedule the hearing.

The judge will decide whether the City of Bremerton proved the case by a preponderance of the evidence. If the city fails to prove you committed the violation, the ticket will be dismissed. If you are found to have committed the offense, the offense will appear on your driving record. 

You may, at your own expense, have an attorney appear to represent you at your hearing. A public defender is not provided for traffic and parking infraction cases. You may appeal a finding of committed to the Superior Court within 30 days of the finding.

Failure to Respond, Appear or Pay

If you fail to respond within 15 days, fail to appear at your scheduled hearing, or fail to pay the penalty, a late fee is added to the original penalty and you are declared to have committed the offense. These offenses will appear on your driving record, and your driver's license will be suspended. 

Parking tickets may result in your inability to renew your vehicle registration. All delinquent cases will be referred to a collection agency.