SMART Commuter Incentives

Incentives for Being a SMART Commuter 

City of Bremerton partners with Kitsap Transit and WSDOT Commuter Trip Reduction program by offering SMART commuters and CTR program participants from across the state incentives to use alternative transportation modes within the City of Bremerton. We currently have two programs available:

First: Free On-Street Parking

On street parking incentive for CTR registered Van Pool/Rideshare users. The City offers free on-street parking for Vanpools (aka Rideshares) with CTR registered license plates. The map of our free on-street parking stalls is below and you can find them by searching in google maps for “Van Pool parking”.

SMART Commuter Incentive Parking Locations

Second: Commute Trip Reduction Tax Credit

Are you a business with on-site employees within the City of Bremerton? Did you know that your SMART Commuter employees qualify your business for a $60/month per employee tax credit?  Apply for these tax savings on the Washington Department of Revenue website

**The application is open and available for the prior tax year tax from January 1st to February 15th**

More Questions? 

Contact the Parking Program Manager, Melinda Monroe by phone 360-473-5306 or email.