Manganese Treatment Facilities (Eastside)

Project Overview

The project scope includes the engineering design and construction support services for a new filtration facility located on the existing Well 13/ PS16 site. The project also includes design for treatment and disposal to sewer and/or treatment and recovery of backwash water from the filtration process. The purpose of the project is to bring the well water quality into alignment of the City’s goals for water quality. The benefit of this project is the removal of manganese from the well water, making the water taste better and reduce manganese build-up in supply pipelines. 

Project Status

The project is currently being advertised for consulting proposals and subsequent selection of a consultant.

Project Location

Manganese Treatment Facility


The project is funded by the City of Bremerton Water Capital Fund. The city intends to pursue Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) loan monies for both the design and construction of this project and the consultant will be required to adhere to the loan funding requirements. The current project budget, which includes both design and construction, is $2,500,000.


ActivityDurationApproximate Date
Design/Permitting6 MonthsMarch 2024 - October 2024
Bid/Award2 MonthsNovember 2024 - January 2025
Construction11 MonthsFebruary 2025 - December 2025


Manganese Treatment Facility Timeline

Contact Us

David E Powell; PE
Project Manager, City of Bremerton Engineering Division
Ph: 360-473-5268

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