Francis Street Outfall Improvements

Project Overview

Project goals include the following:

  • Increase the capacity of the existing Francis Street stormwater outfalls to convey the anticipated 100-year storm.
  • Treat stormwater at the outfalls to meet Department of Ecology (Ecology) requirements. Treatment will consist of installation of a TAPE GULD approved vault system above the outfalls in the roadway. Constituents to be reduced by treatment include fecal coliform, suspended solids, dissolved copper, dissolved zinc, and total phosphorus.  

Project Status

The project is currently in final design with an anticipated design completion date of spring 2024.  Public meetings are not currently planned.  Bidding is planned for fall 2024.  No pre-bid walk through date has been set.

Project Location

Francis Street Outfall ImprovementsGraphic 1. Project Location Map


Project design is currently funded by the stormwater utility fund.  An application for Ecology grant funding for construction was submitted in October 2023. If awarded, grant funding will be available in July 2024.


  • Final design completion – May 2024
  • Grant funding awarded – July 2024
  • Bid advertisement for construction – November 2024
  • Construction initiated – June 2025
  • Construction complete – November 2025

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