Stormwater Management Action Plan

The City of Bremerton is developing plans to guide the City’s priorities for controlling and reducing stormwater pollution. The Stormwater Management Action Plan (SMAP) describes specific actions that the City anticipates taking to improve and protect water quality in the City’s top priority watersheds to protect and improve water quality. 

Your input is important to the success of the City’s stormwater management program and will help shape both our planning and implementation of specific projects. Please direct any questions or comments on the SMAP project to the City’s Project Manager at the Contact Us link below. 


The goal of the SMAP is to evaluate water quality and stormwater conditions throughout the City and select two priority watersheds to develop and implement stormwater management actions that will improve and protect water quality. The SMAP has four primary components; drainage basin delineation, receiving water assessment, basin prioritization, and a final action plan with retrofit opportunities to protect and restore receiving water quality. 

A Story map for the project was created and can be viewed here: where links to reference materials and various resources can be reviewed to provide more details related to our local analysis. 

Drainage Basin Delineation (click here to view) 

A watershed inventory was completed in March of 2022 that includes GIS images, and a table with each receiving water name, total watershed area, and the percent of the total watershed area that is in the City’s jurisdiction. There is a brief description of the relative condition of the receiving waters and contributing area for each receiving water. 

Receiving Water Assessment (click here to view)

The Receiving Water Assessment (RWA) describes the physical attributes of the City’s watersheds, existing water quality conditions, and the potential influence of stormwater on existing and future water quality. 

Basin Prioritization (click here to view)

The Basin Prioritization process identifies specific criteria for ranking the City’s stormwater basins, and how (and why) the City selected the top two basins as priorities for stormwater management actions.  

Final SMAP

Final SMAP (click here to view)

The final SMAP combines the Drainage Basin Delineation, Receiving Water Assessment, and Basin Prioritization efforts. The final plan describes specific actions and projects the City is proposing to improve and protect water quality in the top two basins identified in the Basin Prioritization step of the project.

Preliminary designs have been completed for sites at two locations to address needs identified during the planning phases. The SMAP planning effort will continue to evaluate the remaining drainage basins and stormwater systems to identify opportunities to protect and improve water quality through treatment retrofits (structural improvements), operational, and non-structural best management practices. 

Questions and Comments

We welcome your comments and invite you to contact us if you have questions or would like additional information.     

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