West Kitsap Way Planning Study

Project Overview

The City has been awarded a federal Surface Transportation Program grant via the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) to conduct a transportation planning study for Kitsap Way from SR 3 to Chico Way. West Kitsap Way has concrete pavement in poor condition and lacks pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. The study will determine, through a public process, updated cross sections and 5-10% level of design for the future reconstruction of the roadway.  

The total project budget is $606,000 and the grant requires a $81,810 (13.5% match) of local funds. The $606,000 will be utilized to conduct a transportation study that will:

  • Examine existing and future need related to all transportation modes along Kitsap Way from Chico/Northlake Way to SR 3,
  • Develop solutions to resolve deficits,
  • Evaluate options that serve all transportation modes (complete streets),
  • Develop a prioritized implementation plan,
  • and provide survey, conceptual design, and cost estimates for the selected alternative.  





Community Steering Committee

The study management team, in coordination with the Mayor’s Office, will establish a Community Steering Committee (CSC). The group, representative of and selected from the large pool of groups, people, and agencies that have a common interest in the goals of the study, will provide guidance and oversight for the study and study management team. 

Steering Committee Members:

Greg Wheeler - Mayor
Marco Dicicco – Bremerton School District
George Mazur – WSDOT 
Edward Coviello – Kitsap Transit 
Bridget Glasspoole – Kitsap Mental Health Services
Christine Sala – Resident
Allison Satter – Naval Base Kitsap - Bremerton
David Forte – Kitsap County, Public Works
Crystal Koch – Kitsap Health District

City of Bremerton Technical Representatives:

Colette Berna – Parks Department
Garrett Jackson – Department of Community Development 
Tom Knuckey – Public Works & Utilities Director
Shane Webber – Managing Engineer, Transportation

Materials available to the CSC will be posted to this website, and the public is encouraged to comment on those materials (see comment form linked below). 

CSC Meeting #1 (1/11/2023) – Kick-off meeting and discussion on existing conditions and corridor needs.
Meeting Presentation Slides
Meeting Notes

CSC Meeting # 2 (3/29/23) – Review of the draft project alternatives and scoring criteria for the alternatives analysis
Meeting Presentation
Draft Alternatives Summary
Meeting Notes

Community Outreach

Input will be gathered from the public and the unique needs of our community that must be considered as we plan for the future of West Kitsap Way. Several public meetings will be planned throughout the study process. See our “Stay Engaged” section below to find out how you can stay informed about the progress of this project.

The next public online open house and virtual presentation are being scheduled for mid- June. The community will be presented with the 3 project alternatives analysis. With this information the project team will be able to describe the benefits and costs of each potential alternative. The community will have an opportunity to give feedback on the alternatives. The comment period will be open for approximately 3 weeks.  

The first online open house was hosted from December 5th to January 3rd, a summary of the feedback from that outreach effort will be posted to this page soon. While public comment on the open house is closed, you may still review the open house content by visiting www.westkitsapwaystudy.infocommunity.org.

Online Open House Summary

Project staff held a virtual presentation on December 6th to introduce the project and review existing conditions on Kitsap Way. You can watch a recording of the presentation below.  


Virtual Meeting Summary

Stay Engaged!

Join our mailing list to get updates on this project sent directly to you. You may also contact the Project Manager, Katie Ketterer, with questions and comments at 360-473-5334 or by email at Katie.Ketterer@ci.bremerton.wa.us.  Additionally, you may submit questions and comments regarding the project using this webform.