BPD Safe Place

Bremerton Police Department (BPD) Safe Place is a partnership with the Bremerton business community and schools. The program aims to create safe locations for individuals to visit if they feel they have been the victim of hate (or bias) crimes. 

Participants place an easily recognizable decal in their entrances. This symbol is a signal for victims of hate crimes that the location has partnered with the police, will call 911 on their behalf and allow them a safe place to stay on the premises  until the police arrive.

Participation is FREE and open to businesses, social service organizations, schools and government agencies in the City of Bremerton. This program is not designed, or authorized, for individual and/or residential use.

About BPD Safe Place

History and Mission
How BPD SAFE PLACE began, and the timeline of major events.

Get Involved with BPD Safe Place

How it Works
Apply to be a BPD Safe Place, learn the guidelines and how to order the decal.

How to get your school involved in BPD Safe Place to stand up to bullying.

Learn how to get involved in the BPD SAFE PLACE program and support its efforts.

Report Hate/Bias Crimes

Understanding Hate Crimes
Defining Hate Crimes, understanding their prevalence and statistics. 

Report Hate Crimes
Why it is important to report hate crimes, different ways to report them.