6th St Callow to Naval Pavement Preservation (Phase I)

Project Updates

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Project Overview

The City has been offered a United State Surface Transportation Program (STP) Grant through the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) to construct a grind and overlay of 6th Street, between Callow Avenue and Naval Avenue, including upgrading curb ramps for ADA accessibility.

The grant amount is $640,100 and requires a City match of $444,900. Total project cost is $1,085,000.  Total City cost is $444,900 which will be funded by REET ($364,900) and Transportation Capital Fund Balance ($80,000).

Needs & Benefits

6th Street is a critical east-west arterial in West Bremerton with an average daily traffic of approximately 11,700 vehicles (2017).  The pavement condition is aging (receiving a “marginal” pavement condition ranking) and needs to be rehabilitated to maintain service life.  The project will extend the service life of the roadway pavement structure for 15+ years.

Project Status

Construction was substantially complete in December 2020.  The City of Bremerton is currently working to close out the construction contract.

End Result

Pavement preservation of 6th Street between, and including, the western half of the intersection of Callow Avenue through Naval Avenue.  The grant funded work includes grinding and overlay, pavement markings, and other related street improvements.  Non-grant funded work includes reconstruction of non-ADA compliant ramps within the project area.


Design: 2019

Construction: 2020


Total Estimated Cost = $1,085,000

Surface Transportation Program = $640,100

City Funding = $444,900

    Real Estate Excise Tax = $364,900

    Transportation Capital Fund = $80,000

6th St Callow to Naval Pavement Preservation

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