HSIP III - Kitsap Way and Warren Avenue Traffic Signal and Multimodal Safety Project

Current Project Status Update (September 13, 2022)

The Contractor is working on minor punchlist items and we are expecting them to be 100% complete by the end of this week, September 16th.

Traffic Impacts: Expect delays around the work sites with one lane alternating closures and specific closures in some areas. 

Project Overview

In 2018, the City applied for two grants from the Highway Safety Improvement Program; one to improve the bike lanes along Kitsap Way, and a second to improve traffic signals on State Route 303. The City has received funds for both projects, and for simplicity the scope and budget from both projects has been collapsed into a single grant. The total cost of the project is estimated at $2,601,400; total grant funds offered is $2,514,800, and the City’s cost is $86,600 which will be funded by REET.


Contract award – August 2021
Signal components delivery – January 2022
Construction start – March 2022
Construction complete - September 2022


Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and City Funding.

Kitsap Way Bike Lanes ($2M project)

  • Location is SR3 to Callow
  • Well-developed concept plans - eliminate sharrows, push all bike lanes adjacent to curb 
  • Mostly re-channelizing, marking bike lanes, green paint at conflict areas especially through intersections
  • Bike signals with detection at signaled intersections
  • Updated signal coordination and timing plans to meet MUTCD timing standards 
  • Potential minor right-of-way acquisition – to be determined during design
Kitsap Way Bike Lanes

SR303 Intersection Safety Improvements ($700K)

  • Improvements at signalized intersections from Burwell  to Furneys (Fred Meyer)
  • Updated signal coordination and timing plans to meet MUTCD timing standards 
  • New signal heads and back plates
  • New Auxiliary signal heads
  • Upgraded ADA push buttons at 6th 
  • Signing and pavement marking improvements

End Result

Signals that are more visible, safer travel for pedestrian at crossings, bicyclists, and improved signal timing on Kitsap Way (SR 310).  Improved signal visibility and travel times on Wheaton Way and Warren Avenue (SR 303).

Additional Documents

WarrenSR 303 Intersection Safety Improvements

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