2019 Sidewalk Work Plan

ADA Curb Ramps – minimum of 40 new ramps

  • 12 ramps with Residential Street reconstruction (Veldee, Phinney Bay and 19th Street).
  • 6 ramps at locations identified by Street Operations (13th/Montgomery, 13th/High, 9th/Veneta).
  • 16 ramps from existing ADA complaints (Sylvan/Robin, Sylvan/Solie, Sylvan/Phillips, Sheridan/Lower Wheaton Way, 13th/Hayward, Homer Jones/North and South entrances to YMCA Parking Lot, Homer Jones/access road at south end).
  • Additional ramps to be identified by the ADA Committee, initial focus will be missing ramps in CDBG Impact Area.  Streets will construct as time allows; initial prioritized list to be established at the February 27th ADA Committee Meeting based on heat map.  

Sidewalk Infill and Reconstruction – minimum of 2,000-lf

  • Streets will reconstruct broken sidewalks that cannot be corrected by slab jacking. Initial focus is the CDBG Impact Area – likely 1,000 – 2,000-lf will be constructed in this area.  Additional reconstruction will focus on high pedestrian usage areas and based on existing complaints.

Sidewalk Abatement

  • Based on very successful pilot project completed last year, we intend to move a project forward for consideration.  In the pilot 62 misaligned joints were repaired for $10,000 ($161/joint). This is significantly lesss expensive that conventional panel replacement ($800+/- per panel for City construction).
  • Number of locations has not been confirmed, but likely exceeds 1,000. 

Slab Jacking

Last year the City completed a very successful pilot project to eliminate sidewalk trip hazards using a process called “Slab Jacking”. With this procedure sidewalk panels with vertical misalignment are corrected by injecting a high strength foam and raising adjacent panels. The City is currently working to implement a larger project to address additional locations later this year.
2019 Sidewalk Work Plan