Mayor's Diversity Statement

The City of Bremerton values the principles that encourage inclusion, tolerance and respect for all. Any effort that endorses hate has no place in Bremerton.
My focus is to honor diversity and different perspectives in our City while encouraging a culture that is safe, welcoming and respectful of all residents. 
I am dedicated to promoting those values within our City and working toward justice and equality on behalf of all our citizens. 

Initiatives in 2020 

In response to these principles, the City of Bremerton has begun efforts to improve diversity and equal opportunity. In the recent budget, funding was approved to develop a workforce diversity plan to evaluate and modernize the City’s workforce practices. This plan will analyze recruitment, hiring and management of personnel and ensure policies are updated to reflect our community. 
In addition to updating the City’s workforce policies, I want to encourage and celebrate the diversity and different opinions in our thriving communities. As part of that goal, I will be working with residents to help build connections and strengthen communication within their local neighborhoods and the City. I will be sharing more information on this initiative and how residents will be able to participate in the coming months. 
I believe all of these efforts in 2020 will support diversity in our City and help create a welcoming environment for all. I look forward to sharing our progress over the year.